Enjoy the Aloha breeze

Hale’aina means “restaurant” in Hawaiian.

Our poke bar draws upon the warm spirit of Aloha to bring you the finest poke using the finest ingredients. Located in the beautiful Anaheim Packing House, you can enjoy great tasting healthy poke while enjoying a fun and fresh environment with live music performances on weekends.

Choose from a variety of tasty sashimi and sauces to create your very own dish. We bring the warm tropical breezes from Hawaii so that you can enjoy a moment of pure relaxation and escape from your normal day.

自由にPoke Bowlをカスタマイズしたいというお客様の御要望にお答えしたく、誕生したのがPoke Hale’ainaです。 (Poke Hale’ainaの意味はハワイの言葉でレストラン)

お客様には、3種類のBase,9種類のPROTEIN, 9種類のSAUCE,8種類のSIDES,5種類のTOPPINGから、その日の気分やお好みに合わせて自由にカスタマイズして頂きます。